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            1) Match which of these protocols go with which access list range (匹配下列協議和訪問列表范圍)?   A. Novell SAP ① 800~899   B. AppleTa l k ② 1000~1099   C. Novell ③ 1~99   D. IP ④ 6 0 0 ~ 6 9 9   2) What happens to access lists previously created if the IOS is upgraded from version 10.1 to 11.1 (如果I O S從1 0 . 1版升級到11 . 1版時,以前創建的訪問列表會發生什么事情)?   A. They are dropped since they are no longer applicable   B. Access lists didn’t exist prior to version 9.1   C. They will be converted to the new format   D. They will be left alone since IOS 11.1 provides backward compatibility   3) In what ways are access lists typicallyimplemented on AppleTalk networks (在A p p l e Ta l k網絡中,通常訪問列表是如何實現的)?   A. To control packets transmitted across an interface   B. To specify interesting traffic to launch a DDR connection   C. To restrict SAP broadcasts   D. To advertise available servers   4) What do NetWare servers do to advertise their services and addresses to other servers ( N e t Wa r e服務器如何對其他服務器通告其服務和地址)?   A. Broadcast NetBIOS packets   B. Register with an SAP server   C. Broadcast SAP packets   D. Register with a NetBIOS server   5) In the event of no matching rule being found in an IP access list, what happens to the transmission packet at the end (在I P訪問列表中,如果到最后也沒有找到匹配,則傳輸數據包將如何)?   A. It is dropped   B. It is allowed to pass   C. A broadcast is sent out notifying the sending host   D. A Packet Return (PR) is issued to the sending host   6) For which of the following reasons are IP-style AppleTalk access lists implemented (下列哪個是I P類型A p p l e Ta l k訪問列表實現的原因)?   A. For controlling the disposition of networks that overlap a network number range   B. For controlling the disposition of networks that are contained within a network number range   C. For controlling the disposition of networks that no longer exist within a network number range   D. For controlling the disposition of networks that exactly match a network number range




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